Hi there,

My name is Cristina and I’m an experienced Content Marketer, Digital Strategist, Storyteller and mischief-lover. For the past 6 years, I’ve been focused on helping brands identify and nurture their true value, pushing for a user-focused marketing at every turn.

As marketers, I believe we are entrusted with the image of a brand, empowered to deliver a valuable experience to its users and we have a responsibility to achieve this through hard facts and verifiable truths.

What’s it all about?

Like any other blog, Shoestrings & Fancy Things is a soapbox. I use it to share my thoughts on storytelling, social media, content marketing, marketing and other adjacent goodies that have helped me and hope will help you, be a better marketer for the users entrusted to you.

I’m a firm believer in full-blown honesty, even in business relationships and have found that tough-love works way better than sugar-coating facts, as long as you’re well-intended and replace polished answers with actual solutions.

That being said, you’ll find that Shoestrings and Fancy Things doesn’t throw around recipes for a successful <insert random pompous term>.

The information, recommendation, assessments and whatnot you’ll read about here are lessons I’ve learned along the way and approaches that have worked for me. If you’ve got better ones, I can’t wait to hear about them. #really

What’s with the shoestrings?

The name I chose after months of wrecking my brain and around two notebooks-worth of scribbles is, as Peg Fitzpatrick would put it, a tiara-tip to my childhood.

Like any self-respecting toddler, I made a point of constantly escaping the confines of my crib. On my many adventures, one thing remained constant, I would always take a black and red checkered, pair of shoes with me. And here’s the catch. I wasn’t wearing them. They were tied together by their shoestrings and I would carry them around like that. Yes, barefoot.

Even though it’s on a different level, I see a lot of similarities between my walking around proudly carrying my shoes by their shoestrings and the challenges we face in today’s online environment. I knew I was supposed to have shoes on but I had little to no experience with wearing them so carrying them around was quite enough in my book.

What now?

Listen to some Tom Waits, enjoy a scoop of ice cream, watch Doctor Who, snuggle up to a puppy, read Agatha Christie and grab a spoonful of wisdom from Carl Sagan.

Once you’re done, connect on social media and if you’d like to bounce ideas around or work together drop me a line.

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