My name is Cristina and I’m a digital enthusiast. I’m an experienced content writer and a Google Partner, Certified in AdWords Search & Display Advertising and, for the past 6 years, I’ve been focusing on Content Marketing and eCommerce.

My background includes an education in foreign languages and law. A storyteller at heart, I love working creatively and have a real soft-spot for happenings that make a positive impact on people’s lives and attitudes.

What’s it all about?

Like any other blog, Shoestring and Fancy Things is a soapbox. I use it to share my thoughts on online advertising, marketing, social media, web project management and whatever else I feel I can contribute to, productively. I’m a firm believer in full-blown honesty, even in business relationships and have found that tough-love works way better than sugar-coating facts, as long as you’re well-intended and replace polished answers with actual solutions.

That being said, you’ll find that Shoestrings and Fancy Things doesn’t throw around recipes for a successful <insert random pompous term>. The information, recommendation, assessments and whatnot you’ll read about here are lessons I’ve learned along the way and approaches that have worked for me. If you’ve got better ones, I can’t wait to hear about them. #really

What’s with the shoestrings?

The name I chose after months of wrecking my brain and around two notebooks-worth of scribbles is, as Peg Fitzpatrick would put it, a “tiara-tip” to my childhood.

Like any self-respecting toddler, I made a point of constantly escaping the confines of my crib. On my many adventures, one thing remained constant, I would always take a particular pair of shoes with me. And here’s the catch. I wasn’t wearing them. They were tied together by their shoestrings and I would carry them around like that. Yes, barefoot.

Even though it’s on a different level, I see a lot of similarities between those times and the challenges we face in the online environment. I knew I was supposed to have shoes on but I had little to no experience with wearing them so carrying them around was quite enough in my book.

We’re all toddlers when it comes to new tech but few of us are prepared to acknowledge it and learn what those shoestrings are actually for. We’re at a very interesting phase in digital literacy when we have an older generation of users who’ve spent the majority of their lives tech-free, another segment of adopters who’ve transitioned relatively smoothly to an internet-centered lifestyle and a very young generation that’s pretty much grown up in the Jetsons of digital ages.

What now?

Listen to Tom Waits, have some ice cream, watch Doctor Who, snuggle up to a puppy, read Agatha Christie and, I’ve saved the best for last, grab a spoon full of wisdom from Carl Sagan. Once you’re done, connect on social media and if you’d like to bounce ideas around or work together drop me a line.