How Blogging Has Helped Me Grow On A Personal Level

Most people see blogging as either a cash-cow or a means of thrusting oneself into the spotlight. While both are true, blogging can do so much more and, along with a slice of cake, I’d love to share what it’s done for me, with you as well.

Company Timelines That Paint The Right Picture

Company timelines can turn out to be a sketch of the milestones in a business’ history or, much like in a painting, you can create a more interesting, relatable picture of what they mean for said business. Here’s how.

Things You Forgot About Instagram

As one of its 800 million monthly active users, you’re probably doing your fair share of liking, commenting, and discovering but are you forgetting about what makes Instagram a social media engagement powerhouse?

What Gen Z Can Teach Us About Personal Branding

With a brighter outlook than previous generations, a positive message of self-love and acceptance, a more authentic and personal approach to digital communication, Gen Z can teach us quite a few things about personal branding. Let’s explore them together.

Giving Your LinkedIn Profile a Kick in the Pants

In spite of its over 500 million global users, LinkedIn is still one of the most underused social media platforms. From profile pics to job descriptions, we’re looking at a few things you can do to give your profile a quick kick in the pants.

Why Blogging Seems To Be Dying

Blogging’s been reputed to be on its last, limpy leg for years and the rumour mill seems to be regularly churning out predictions of its upcoming demise. Today we’re exploring why.

People to People – Social Media Conversations with Brands

Clever brands talk with people not to people and that includes a consistent, engaging social media dialogue. Check out how you can get the chit-chat with your brand going.

Change Your Toon & Stop Promoting Gender Bias Online

This International Women’s Day, we’re talking about three seemingly small actions you can take to stop unwillingly promoting gender bias through social media and #PressforProgress.

The Things Every Good Brand Story Needs

Beyond techniques and frameworks, a quick look at five elements every good brand story needs.

The Reasons Behind Your Tiny Blog Readership

When readers aren’t tearing down our blog’s door to get to the content, we tend to blame our marketing but is it really the best place to look or are there other, more serious culprits we should be dealing with?

Personal Branding for Millennials

As the first generation to grow up with social media, millennials are very aware of their personal brand but most only shape it by imitating influencers or through trial and error, focusing on being seen only. Let’s talk about how being more strategic in your personal branding can drive your career growth.

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