Exercises To Find Your Personal Brand’s Voice

Brands and professionals both benefit from a well-defined, recognisable voice but it can be a tough thing to define. Here are a few fun exercises to get you started.

How We Get To Know Your Brand

We get to know brands through multiple, very varied interactions. Here are some of the top ones and how to make the most of the encounter through consistent, effective branding.

Getting Started With Personal Branding

If you have any kind of professional presence online, you’ve already started laying the groundwork for a personal brand. Here’s how to kick your personal branding up a notch.

You Want To Blog – Now What?

Putting your ideas out there in a blog is pretty challenging but if you’ve decided to take up blogging here’s how to throw some strategy into the mix.

The Case For Effective Case Studies

Every business wants and needs case studies to prove their capabilities but being on the writing end of them is rarely easy. Here are a few pointers to help you create effective case studies.

Cheapening Your Brand Is Losing You Customer Trust

Doing the bare minimum or investing in the wrong things can cheapen your brand and lose you consumer trust, instead of giving it a boost. Here’s a look at the top 5 things that are cheapening your brand.

Mistakes Business Websites Keep Making

Quite a few business websites are completely missing a customer journey, hoard too much worthless information and more. Let’s look at the top things that might be hurting the effectiveness of your business website.

When Kids Become Marketing Collateral

There’s a fine line between sharing and oversharing, when it comes to social media and some parents can really go overboard. A look at sharenting and how kids become their parents’ marketing collateral.

Marketers You Should Stay Away From

From self-proclaimed gurus, experts and gods, everyone and their uncle seems to be a marketing know-it-all these days. Here are the ones you should steer clear of.

What Your Brand’s Name Says About It

Names hold a very special place in our culture and picking a good names is a great way to, in time, convey your set of values and personality through it. Find out what your brand name says about your business.

When Should Brands Stay Away From the Holiday Cheer

Brands can’t wait to bundle up their products and sell, sell, sell around the holidays. Pushing promos around the holidays, however, can do more harm than good. Here’s when your brand should stay away from the holiday cheer.

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