Setting the Right Expectations for Social Media Marketing

Social media can do a number of wonderful things for businesses but it’s essential that you set up the right expectations as to how much work, budget and resources that requires.

Has-been Blog Features You Should Bin

Are you using blog features that are doing nothing more than cluttering your pages? Read more to find out what has-been blog features you should bin.

How Big Should Your Marketing Team Be

Your marketing teams doesn’t include marketing people only. There are key people across your business who can boost your brand’s visibility and credibility. Find out who.

Small Business Online Communication Mistakes

Sloppy messages can make you look unprofessional and might even get you in trouble with clients or business partners. Here are the communication mistakes small businesses are most often guilty of and how to fix them.

Making The Most Of Social Media Covers

Social media are a great opportunity to brand your business and communicate with your audience. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you make the most of them.

How Much Of The Brand Story Is The Storyteller

I think the secret of a well-told brand story lies in the quill, pen or keyboard of the storyteller and here’s why.

Making The Most Of Hashtags

We all use hashtags but very few of us know how to use the to their full potential. I’m excited to share a few tips on how you could make the most of hashtags in your social media strategy.

Turn Your eCommerce Blog into a Business Asset

eCommerce brands are beginning to feel the benefits of blogging but it can be quite challenging to come up with a strategy that yields real results. Here are some tips that might help you out.

Your eCommerce Store Needs a Blog

One of the best things you could do for your eCommerce business is start blogging and here’s why.

Social Media Communication Traps for eCommerce Brands

Social media seems to be a deceptively easy tool to use to boost your eCommerce brand’s visibility only but it can quickly backfire if you only marginally know what you’re doing. Find out how to avoid these common eCommerce social media communication traps.

Blogging Myths You Should Stop Believing

Blogging takes loads of time, energy and money. Check out the blogging tips you should stop believing to channel your energy more productively.

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