What I’ve learned after one year of blogging

Shoestrings & Fancy Things one year later – the good, the bad and the lessons learned the hard way.

Why Your eCommerce Store Isn’t Selling

If you’re not happy with your eCommerce store’s sales figures and you’re drawing a blank in terms of what to do about it, these might be some of the reasons you’re reaching for.

Problems Online Marketing Can’t Fix

An essential part of selling anything is getting it out there. But is a killer marketing strategy and a deep pocket enough to bring your business from rags to riches?

How To Understand Your Products

Almost every sales expert will tell your that the very first step in selling anything is getting to know┬áthe product. What if you’re not in sales, how in-depth should your knowledge of the product be and how do you get your hands on it right now?

Who Should Know Your Products By Heart

We all know that sales teams can talk a mile a minute about a brand and its services but are they really the only people who can bring value to your company by simply having a clear understanding of it?

Things That Breed Clients From Hell

Creative teams often blame clients for the pressure they put, the ridiculous deadlines, irrational requirements they try to pile onto an already overloaded team but is it really their fault and is there anything we can do to solve the problem?

Small Business Customer Support Costs & Value

We invest in development, design, business mentors, analysts, data entry, marketing and whatnot, often disregarding customer support as a service of little consequence in today’s fast-paced business environment. If you’re gone down this road, here’s what it might mean to your business.

Digital Project Budgets & How To Handle Them

The issue of budgets can be really tough to tackle, with most clients clamming up when asked how much they’re willing to shell out. Let’s identify what can generate problems in communicating and estimating budgets, and how to fix them.

What Not To Expect From Your New Website

Expectations and the reality of what a brand new website or redesign can do, can often be light-years apart. Increase in sales, lower marketing costs and a boom in popularity are among the most anticipated outcomes of a new website, but are they realistic?

Comparison Shoppers & Your eCommerce Business

Shoppers love it and are becoming ever more proficient at it, while eCommerce merchants hate it for the increasing pressure it puts on their business. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, comparison shopping is having a huge effect on today’s shopping experience. Does your business have what it takes to face the challenge?

Love thyself or love thine selfie?

These days, your odds of browsing any social media network and not running into an unfortunate selfie are pretty dim. With people increasingly preoccupied with appearance and social status, one can’t help but wonder what is the actual value of the selfie and where is this awful trend heading.

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