Digital Project Budgets & How To Handle Them

The issue of budgets can be really tough to tackle, with most clients clamming up when asked how much they’re willing to shell out. Let’s identify what can generate problems in communicating and estimating budgets, and how to fix them.

What Not To Expect From Your New Website

Expectations and the reality of what a brand new website or redesign can do, can often be light-years apart. Increase in sales, lower marketing costs and a boom in popularity are among the most anticipated outcomes of a new website, but are they realistic?

Comparison Shoppers & Your eCommerce Business

Shoppers love it and are becoming ever more proficient at it, while eCommerce merchants hate it for the increasing pressure it puts on their business. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, comparison shopping is having a huge effect on today’s shopping experience. Does your business have what it takes to face the challenge?

Twitter Best Practices For You & Your Business

Are you a follow-worthy Twitterer or does your account spam the daylights out of our following? Read some of the most cringe-worthy practices on Twitter and learn how you and your business can do better.

Management Plays That Don’t Score

Project managers can be inspiring or exasperating and it’s not just about how great their professional and interpersonal skills are. Sometimes, management is more about knowing what not to say.

How To Write Top-Shelf Product Descriptions

At the foundation of every successful eCommerce store lies a great product. However, without a proper description, customers will never get to know how great your product is, let alone purchase it. Find out how to write product descriptions that showcase and sell your products.

Copyright For Creative Works & Its Limitations

Artists and artisans often have a difficult time protecting their intellectual property. Learn what you can and cannot copyright and what you can do to protect your creations.

Inspire Your Social Media Birthday

Is posting the nauseatingly repetitive “Happy Birthday” the best you can do on social media for your friends’ birthday?

Competitor Stalking Yays And Nays

Do you know the difference between research and stalking? Learn how far to take your detective work when it comes to competitor research and how your actions can directly affect your business.

Product Photos That Don’t Suck

Good-quality product images are essential to any eCommerce shop but they can be challenging, especially if you’re not a professional photographer. Here’s how you can showcase your products without putting a strain on your budget.

Online advertising legal conundrums

Have you ever taken a step back and considered if what you’re doing online is actually legal? Or are you simply operating based on the “if everyone’s doing it, it must be right” philosophy?

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