As a Facebook power-user, I am the first to admit I live in a bubble. I’ve fiddled with every single one of the settings Facebook makes available in order to make sure I get updates from the brands I care about, on the topics I’m interested in and steer clear of posts from my friends that have the potential to irritate or bore me.

With Facebook tweaking its algorithm yet again, your friends and family are about to take centre stage in your newsfeed so let’s look at some things you can do prevent them from bursting your bubble.

Disclaimer: The screen captures included in this post are completely random. 

Hide what you don’t like

It’s, of course, much simpler to just skip posts you’re not interested in but you have to remember that if you want to avoid them, you have to let Facebook learn. Towards that end, in the upper right-hand sight of every singe post, you’ll find an arrow that expands into a panel with a “Hide this post” option.

Like the label says, hiding the post results in fewer updates on the topic.

A lot of the time posts are re-shared or shared from a different source that the original poster. While the topics are likely related to those the pages you’ve liked talk about on a regular basis, sometimes you simply might not want certain topics in your newsfeed.

If you’re not interested in the source and their stuff, you can hide all their posts, too.

Unfollow people you don’t like

Let’s face it, brands aren’t the only nuisance on Facebook. We all have at least one friend who overshares pictures of kids, food or Ancient Aliens theories. Good news, you can stop seeing their latest in chocolate-smeared kids and still stay friends with them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 2.27.57 PMHover over the See first button on your spammy friend’s profile and simply unfollow them. Sorry, Teo, I needed someone with a clean-er cover photo.

The same setting allows you to see more updates posted by friends you like hearing from more often.

Tweak your ad preferences

Sure, you can hide ads and let Facebook know that a certain topic is not relevant to you, but sometimes it’s easier to just go through the list of stuff Facebook thinks you like. Going through each category for the first time, you’re likely to find quite a few things that are off. Simply hover over the interest you’d like to remove and hit the x.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 2.43.59 PMMake sure you check back every now and again to refine what Facebook thinks you’ve become interested in since you last tweaked the list.

The Bottom Line

Facebook updates always tend to come with a hefty dose of outrage, apprehension or, at the very least, concern, but if as a user, you take the time and interest to learn a bit about the tool you’re likely using almost daily, you’ll find you have a lot more control over the content you’re served than you think.

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